401 S. Santa Fe Ave. Salina, KS 67401 | Phone: 785.827.0610 | Toll Free: 866.927.0610 | Fax: 785.827.8608


Physician Ownership Disclosure:


Salina Surgical Hospital is jointly owned by Salina Regional Health Center (50%) and a group of local community involved physicians. Salina Surgical Hospital meets the definition of a "physician-owned" hospital under §42 CFR 489.3.
The hospital is owned in part by the following physicians (<5% per physician):


Monica Bachamp D.O.
Jerrold E. Cossette M.D.
Bardley C. Daily M.D.
Lavelle A. Ellis M.D.
Byron L. Grauerholz M.D.
Gary L. Harbin M.D.
Randy Hassler M.D.
Todd M. Herrenbruck M.D.
Michael J. Johnson M.D.
Paul A. Johnson M.D.
Sukesh K. Kansal M.D.
Jeffrey B. Knox M.D.

Ali B. Manguoglu M.D.
Michael J. Matteucci, Sr., M.D.
Earl H. Matthews M.D.
Michael M. Meier M.D.
Natalie A. Morgan M.D.
Joel E. Parriott M.D.
Ryan Payne M.D.
David A. Peterson M.D.
David Prendergast M.D.
Brian Smith M.D.
Gary B. Weiner M.D.



Provision of Emergency Services:


The Salina Surgical Hospital's scope of care is limited to a surgical/procedural specialty hospital. Physicians are available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but may not be on the premises. The nursing staff is trained in basic and advanced cardiac life support, as well as in the use of the full complement of available emergency equipment in the event an emergency should occur at Salina Surgical Hospital. During your stay, should you need services not available at Salina Surgical Hospital, we have a transfer agreement and other affiliations with SRHC to provide these services. Transportation to and from SRHC will be arranged by Salina Surgical Hospital based on the level of care required.