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• Preparing for Your Surgery Day •


For your personal safety and comfort, please follow these guidelines.


DO NOT eat or drink anything (including water) after midnight the day before surgery, unless given special instruction.


DO take Blood Pressure, Heart, and Seizure Medicines with a small sip of water the morning of surgery.


DO NOT chew gum, eat hard candy or smoke after midnight the day before surgery.


DO NOT wear makeup or nail polish. Acrylic nails without polish can be left on.


DO leave jewelry, valuables and small electrical equipment at home (such as blow dryers, razors, curling irons, etc.)


DO take a bath/shower the morning of surgery.


DO call your doctor if you have health changes between your last visit and the day of surgery…such as cold, fever, flu, etc.


DO wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing.


DO have an adult drive you home and be able to help for the next 24 hours if you are an outpatient. It is Salina Surgical Hospital’s policy that you can not take a cab, or drive yourself home. Your surgery will be cancelled if you do not have an adult escort.


IF you must go some distance to return home, bring some pillows. If you are having surgery on your arm or leg, you will need to keep it elevated to reduce swelling and pain.


DO feel free to bring a favorite toy or blanket if the patient is a child. (Parents/guardians must stay in the hospital during their entire stay.)


DO bring diapers and feeding bottles if your child will need them.


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